Looking to acquire a window cleaning business - any ideas?

Hey all,

I’m looking to get into the window cleaning business and would like to acquire an existing company. I’m looking for something with decent size (at least $300k in annual revenue). Anyone know of any potential options?


Why are you interested in the window cleaning business?

Why is $300k annual revenue so important?

Why? You don’t want to start on the bottom like the rest of us did?

Josh asked a good question “Why is 300k revenue important?” There is an awful lot of expense in there real quick to run $300k business, employee’s, vehicles etc. Which I’m sure you probably know, it’s just an interesting starting point.

Just wondering, thanks.

Thanks for your responses and good questions. I think there’s good money to be made in window cleaning - and it’s one of those things that’s not going anywhere (can’t outsource it overseas!). Also, I don’t really want to clean windows myself, I’m more interested in managing a business with a couple of employees. $300k is pretty arbitrary but I’m just estimating what a business with 3-4 full time guys could do.

That is a good question. Why the window cleaning business . That’s a big chunk of business you will be taking on. Are you expiranced in this industry? Are you coming from a business background ?

If you ask me that’s to much growth to fast for someone with no background in this industry or any business for that matter if that is your case.

I’m not saying it can’t work , but you stand to lose a lot of those customers if you can’t service them correctly, an if you don’t have systems in place. People who get to that level of business didn’t risk as much money,an grew , an learned every step of the way.
If your new you have a lot to learn in the mean time your risking your investment . I’m all about buying in as start for your window cleaning business, but not at those numbers .

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I would like to talk with you. Give me a call - Larry Bell 910-617-1434

[MENTION=38712]windowcleaner[/MENTION] I have a large window cleaning business for sale in North Carolina. Are you still interesting in acquiring an existing business?

[MENTION=8241]LBell[/MENTION] I will give you a call

[MENTION=7269]Majestic66[/MENTION] yes, I do have some experience in the residential cleaning space - plus other business experience that is customer, but not window, related. I’m not a ladder / window cleaning guy, which is why I don’t think I could build something from the start (doing the cleaning myself). And I think anything less than $250-300k in revenue would make it hard to support me as a manager and a technician. I can appreciate your concerns with not being able to properly service the customers - but that’s going to be an issue with any new market you get into, right?

Anyways, would appreciate any introductions or other ideas you guys have