Looking to sell my business, tips/advice? Not even sure where to start

Hey guys! I got into window cleaning last year to try and work my way into working full time for myself. Eventually it became too much trying to juggle in this season, so I am wanting to sell my business. I am not sure how to go about this.

I have a nice waterfedpole package and a decent amount of gear, but I also have a website, branding, etc.

Should I part out or sell as a whole?

Any tips/advice here?

Where are you located? Depending on what kind of work you have (resi, commercial, or storefront) will determine how you would best be able to sell of off.

What do you mean became too much trying to juggle in this season?

Waterfed pole huh…? I need one :stuck_out_tongue:

Being only a year in business I think it’d be hard to sell your customer list for any significant money. I would just reach out to other local window cleaners and see if they were interested. I don’t know if you’re a storefront route type window cleaner or residential but residential is a bit more difficult to sell as it’s tough to know if the pricing is correct. If you have recurring clients on a schedule that might be easier to sell.