Loose pencil jets

A few of my pencil jets have come loose. Any advise?

You’ll never look back.


Until you break a few each season (like me) now I’ve looked back and do 4 pencil jets.

When they get loose just hit it with a couple drops of gorilla glue and you’re good to go

Wow !! I haven’t broken one yet. All last season and this season. I’m not every day with my WFP though, but I’ve used it enough. If I get two seasons out of it that would be fine by me, but if they break and I need to buy 2-3 a year …yes I will look back . I agree with you there.
I can see how that would be a deterrent. I honestly don’t see how they can break though they’re plastic. I guess I’m going to find out … huh :thinking:

You’re one of the lucky ones then, I have 2 left and I’ve bought 5 or 6.

I always hear how crappy they are or how awesome they are, haven’t heard any middle ground just yet

Lol … lucky so far . it’s going to break tomorrow trust me. It always happens to me when I open my big mouth.

Cool thanks! Yeah I keep the rinse bar for the alpha scrubber