Louvers over windows

Has anyone ever ran across louvers like these?


If so, how have you managed them, stood on them while tied off, ladder and WFP, lift and WFP, 6’ gooseneck on tucker, you get the idea. Any Info would be appreciated.

Gday i usually use my tucker pole with a 36" gooseneck for windows like this
works fine for me

a guy on this forum was doing a large building with those things and I believe he ordered a super long gooseneck. He also mentioned that he had to maneuver differently to clean the glass

I did a similar job a month or so ago. It was only one set of louvers partway down the windows (around 15’ high) I’m a squeegee man and I laddered to get me up there and short poled the glass immediately above the louvers using a 0° Unger squeegee handle on the end. Worked out better than I though it would.

Did you maintain three points of contact while on the ladder?

The way I do it Larry is like this. Both feet on the ladder and one arm (my right) over the top rung and the left arm under the top (through the rungs). If the window isn’t too wide my left arm is simply stabilizing the pole, not directing it.

Good call on the safety aspect tho. :slight_smile:


Hey Goldenrod,

Check out Carlos post and you’ll see how we did it. It is definitely doable,just expect to be sore the next day :smiley:

If you use a Tucker, order a 42 or 48 inch gooseneck and start stroking. If you have any questions ask away.

Here are some pics of us doing it.


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I was trying to find your post and put it in here… :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. That looks like quite a job! I never thought about calling Tucker and having them make a 48" gooseneck. I know its been a while but about how much were those goosenecks?

Goosenecks are cheap!! In order to make the 48, they have to charge you for the whole 78inch of aluminum, but it was cheap. I went ahead and bought
2- 48’s, 2- 42’s, 2- 36’s, and 2- 24’s. I cant remember the exact cost, but I think it was about $100.00 for all of them. Go out and measure the Louver and see what you need and they can get it to you in a few day’s most of the time.


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Goosenecks are the way forward in the uk for me like lads, will their fit onto the Unger poles ? We got 65ft carbon fire pole aswell can it fit on that aswell ? Or are there only made for Tucker poles ?

They can be made for Unger or Xtel or Gardiner. Call WCR and get all the details you need.

Thanks window guy, if I get the job, Ill be calling tucker right away!

Not louvers but glass canopy overhang obstructs the higher windows. Thankfully I invested in a 24" gooseneck almost a year ago and finally have a chance to use it…

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