Louvres, how do you clean them?

Greetings fellow squeegee and waterfed pole warriors!

What’s everyone’s tried and true method for cleaning glass shutters aka louvres? It seems that there’s never any quick way to do them.

My method is a 3M white scrubbing pad to thoroughly clean all the gunk off, a squeegee channel to get rid of most of the water, then microfiber for the sides and any residual water remaining. I’ve found this method to be the most reliable way to properly clean all those pesky louvres.

What about those Sorbo trickets? Are they any good or are they simply a gimmick?

Thanks in advance!

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@HE_MAN has a video on his youtube for making a cleaner for them. herman weiland

I clean hundreds of these every week, I used to squeegee them, but that is far too inefficient.
easiest way is to close them all up and wfp the outsides, then mist the inside with pure water agitate with huck, wipe off with microfiber, then open and same just use the damp huck on the 1cm overlap wipe with microfiber and buff with scrim.
I used to HATE them with a passion and would always put a rookie on them, now I don’t mind them as I can make more per hour cleaning louvers as I charge $1 per piece can can clean a bay of 15-20 of them in about 5 mins, I also must add the louvers I clean are not those old ancient ones they are newer powder coated and the louvers are not easily removed and don’t fall out.


This is how we do them.


Closer look.


And finely here is how we made it.


I likey He Man👍🏽

I have the Sorbo trickets they do work however my hands cramp badly while using them . I only have one job left with those type of window.
I wouldn’t really say there a gimmick,but definitely a little disappointed though.

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I’m with @mandriva on this one. There’s probably some sort of learning curve I suppose…it sure has the right name for it tho because there has to be some trick to actually making it work.

How do I clean louvres? With a hammer or a brick usually.

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