LOVE my Univalve

Thanks WCR for putting the Univalve on sale. I don’t think I would have sprung for the $90 asking price, but at $60 and the excellent sales skills of “Jersey Josh” @Jersey, I finally sprung, and couldn’t be happier!

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£36 in UK. The shipping kills the price tho’

Received my Exceed Univalves today and hooked it up on both poles. I just tested it to see that it works and it does work great! Should have done this over the ball valve sooner but the price turned me away. I can easily see the benefit of the Univalve and haven’t cleaned my first window with it yet. Thanks Alex for getting it out to me quickly.

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My Uni-Valve came in this morning, took 5 mins flat to set it up. Just in time for a large restaurant job, right on the water. Naturally, there being some customer traffic here and there, water flow control was a necessity.

I kind of kick myself for not springing for one sooner. Hands down one of the best WFP investments. Quick tug on, quick tug off. No fuss; just awesome and worth every penny.