Love the pure water!

Put some water through my new Wash-it Pro yesterday and wow!! I’ve seen dozens of videos about pure water cleaning with a WFP and figured this was a must have. My TDS at my tap was 340, and through the RO it went to 11. I cleaned some glass and NO spots!! I then put it through the RO and DI…you guessed it, TDS of 0. I cleaned a few more pieces with NO spots. Hahahahaha I just love it!!

Anyone who is on the fence…buy into pure water. I see when others have said it was a game changer…their right.

Well I just figured I’d post my newbe findings for the guys searching for answers or are on the fence.

Naa…I’m just excited haha.

Now I have to go find some vids on how to dog ear my channels. I seem to be detailing the edges a bit more than I want when I squeegee.

Dog earring channels tons of videos here… A great guy to watch on you tube videos of is Polzn Bladz…Right [MENTION=441]BostonMike[/MENTION]

Polzn Bladz is awesome!

Yeah, looks like the Dog Ear is the way to go! Gonna try it.

Did my first paying exterior window job today with excellent results. Happy customers, and the time to wash them was unbelievable. I just love it!

I feel the same way man. I got to do one job with my wash it pro and I thought it was awesome. Windows came out beautiful and they hadn’t been cleaned in a long time.