Lovin' the stack

Let’s see the LG handle this:


leaning that ladder against the middle frame makes me cringe. but then again, i’m a lot heavier than you…


I think that part is structural? Seems very strong anyway. But yeah, if it can withstand the wind, it can withstand me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Gotta ask, in your pic how did you get the upper single window above the Double?

I could reach it from there

I’m short I probably couldn’t. Ha

I’d have to use 2 stacks , quicker if there easier within reach for me

Yeah for me the stack has been such a timesaver cause now the stuff that’s just barely out of reach i can get to so quickly and effortlessly. Before, as a Little Giant fan, I’d be lugging that heavy thing around and battling bushes. Now, if i can physically get in there, so can my ladder. It’s awesome!


I feel that good positioning is everything to doing a good job and also makes for a happier window cleaner. I would be using 2 sections as well :grinning:

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I’m a “rather be over than under” kind of guy, as well…
But in this case, two might be too much (maybe a half)

Im cool with his setup. Couple feet, easy reach, no problem.


These ladders are one of my favorite pieces of equipment.


What manufacturer makes that version?

Alaco sectionals, no longer available, more expensive but half the weight.


Guess I haven’t seen or noticed those . I’ve owned a few sets .

Wow. I need those bad. For me, stacking that fourth section is brutal with my metallics.

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I think I remember the Denver sectionals having that type of rails.

Sorry if my selfies are getting annoying but i’m hoping to inspire any who are hesitant to get one. I had another job today that i could really only do with a stack ladder. This ladder is not only saving me time and energy, it’s giving me confidence. Previously, i would see an entry way window and think, “oh god, that’s gonna suck.” That’s changed to, “No problem!” And a job like this one would have seemed nearly impossible. Imagine lugging a 24’ extension ladder into the house! I’m pretty proud cause before setting up just three sections was a challenge. Four is still very hard for me, but i did it! And no disasters deconstructing it, which to me is the hardest part.

Sigh…i haven’t had the heart to take the LG off the truck just yet, but it’s gonna start rusting soon lol


Boy. that is such a great example!

Good for you, man…
You had the Vgroove working, in that first shot.
And then topped it off with the ‘oh, no horizontal framing?
… no problem! All I need is a couple inches

Loving your posts, dude! :slight_smile:


lol. Even the DOG is resting, at ease.

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Congrats on the successful stack and unstuck Daniel!

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