Mac or hp?

What do you think. Should I keep the mac I just bought? will it Benefit me?
Or should I stay With The hp?

If you bought a mac, keep it. You will love it. There will be some getting used to it, cuz it is different (read: better) than the HP. But in 2 weeks, you will wish you’d bought the mac 4 years ago.

Keep the Mac. Give the PC to the local Historical Society or museum so future generations will know the hardships we once faced.

You kill me! :wink:

+1 love my Mac

It’s a no brainer! Keep the Mac!! Unless of course you enjoy having to fix stuff and call/deal with technical support operators. Then you should get an HP, which I am convinced really stands for huge pile.

HP is getting out of the computer business, focusing on software and services.

Get the Apple.

Just heard on cnn news yesterday that hp is going to stop making products… Laptops will also be surpassed by tablets before 2015.

I am a total Apple fan boy, I’d usually say keep the mac 100% BUT if you’re asking because you could use the money for other business needs, like advertising, then it might not be worth holding onto right now.

I hate to admit it, but the HP will do all you need it do, well enough, [I]for now[/I]. If you don’t need the cash though, keep the mac.

I wish I had a mac :frowning:

Isn’t that one of the perks of joining WCRA? :slight_smile:

Anything but a mac is simply a waste of money. More money up front but saves money long term

Does Apple try and make it’s products look and function like PC’s or Nokia/Blackberry/etc…?

Why is it that everybody is suddenly trying to make their computers/cell phones and tablets look and function like Apple products?

It is because Apple products are the best products, and everyone else is just a “me too” company now. Everyone wants to make “Apple like” products-- but they can’t “out Apple” Apple.

People who think PCs and Nokias/Whatevers are better products have probably never owned an Apple product, can’t/won’t pay for an Apple product-- or they are somehow invested either financially or emotionally in their old technology and so they bag on Apple to help reaffirm their choice in computing/cellular technology.

PCs are the steam engines of the modern era; let the kids play with them.


PCs are the steam engines of the modern era; let the kids play with them.[/QUOTE]

I found this funny since steam punk is the newest craze in hipster douchebaggery. I wonder if the hipsters are Mac or pc?

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Keep the mac