Mafia interlude

I managed to get out yesterday as the sun made an appearance! I had a show laid out for me: A kerfuffle erupted up the street, when around 20 cop cars pulled up & took one of the Russian mafia guys away. I also clean the mansion next door to this one + a couple more on this street & it always made me nervous with his personal guards talking into their sleeves & the earpiece carry on. It was common knowledge they were mafia, I mean the guy bought the house with a suitcase of notes.
Anyway, nice interlude & it made the news:

p.s. This is also the same street I had guardia civil pull the guns out on me when the alarm to the house went off & they thought I was an intruder.

Anyone else had guns pulled out on them on the job?

Flippin eck Karl!

Come on Mark, you know Spain is the hideout for the most criminal of people. I reckon a costa’s versus sicily match could make Saturday evening prime time. You get your people…

Anyone else had guns pulled out on them on the job?

I too was greeted once with a .45 when mistaken for an intruder…good for laughs now though.

Yes…had the misfortune of staring down the barrel of a “Glock” because the Mrs.forgot to tell the hubby we were coming to clean the windows. Needless to say…its quite the rush! He did apologize,but he sleeps days due to his profession being a Truck Driver that mostly works nights.

Many years ago I used to clean some branch banks. I used to start my day around 4am cleaning a bank and then starting my route. There was a Dunkin’ Donuts next door and I used to stop there for a couple of donuts and coffee before going into the bank.

So, I turn the alarm off with my key, open the door and go in and start dumping trash. I picked up the lobby trash and circled back to the bathrooms and started down the hallway to the breakroom. I walked out of the breakroom with a large bag of trash in each hand and a donut in my mouth and looked straight down the barrel of a 12 ga shotgun at the door.

It seems the alarm had shorted somehow and when I open the door, the sensor inside the vault went off and the alarm company called the police and said someone was inside the vault

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