Magic Eraser / Not Magic

You can see from this video that the ME is not a plastic foam embedded with a superabrasive. But rather the abrasive/cleaning properties are the result of hard melamine fibers which form a unique structure and have a thickness of about 8 microns in width. Melamine has a mohs hardness which is softer than glass. This is why it does not scratch glass surfaces. But we do know that even soft cotton cloth can dislodge microparticles of defective surfaces which will scratch glass. Razor blades are not the only way these particles can be removed and dragged.

This is a fantastic video. The reason why I am showing this is because I am working at developing a series of products for non-routine window cleaning. Most of which will be based on various plastic abrasives. If you already love the Magic Eraser then you are already working with this technology. To learn more you can sign up for eith the IGSA email list or the NEGSA email list.

Henry Grover Jr.

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great, very informative video. I’m doing a construction clean up. no razors allowed, plastic or metal. so I have 100 magic erasers, oil Flo and goo be gone.

This is the safest way to go. I don’t like it. Been using razors for forty years. And I have had some scary times.