Magnetic Business Cards

Does anyone use the magnetic business cards for advertisement?

I used them about 9 years ago for residential and commercial they worked well then, easy to stick to those metal mailboxes and it was funny to see how many of my customers actually had them stuck to their refrigerators at houses and file cabinets at businesses.

I had a box of them, well I guess I still have them…

I ordered them a while back assuming they would be placed neatly on all of my customers beer coolers… until I started noticing that all of my customers had nothing stuck on the fridge. I remember I had one customer with a lot of little magnets stuck all over, so I run out to the car and grab one to toss into the fray. As I look for a spot for it, I discover my biggest competitors magnet staring at me!

After that, in the garage

Cards suck BECAUSE they give no reason what so ever to call. To use them as “ads” is a lost cause.

What about a regular business card? Do you think you could put a compelling offer with a exp date and have that work?

It would be better than a typical card, however I am a firm believer that words sell… a card with a bunch of 2pt type on a few inches of space… how do you think it will do?

People either make marketing too complicated or think they can make it very easy and cheap. Forgetting about effectiveness.

“Hey, I passed out 5000 magnets today! I did not get any calls, but they now have my card for when they are ready”

yeah sure

The magnets work a treat for me - most are impressed.