Maintenance Plans

Hello, I’m trying to come up with a maintenance plan and was wondering what tasks are done if you have a quarterly account, bi-annual and so on. How would I price each? I typically charge $12 a window for inside/out, screens, tracks and frames. Any help would be appreciated.

Chavez, ‘typically’ I do an in/out clean once per year. If I come out quarterly or bi-annually, I do an exterior clean the other times, unless of course the customer asks differently. The in/out clean will include a visible or deep track cleaning and a screen washing. The other exterior cleans I will simply dust the screens as part of the service (unless there’s some special attention needed). Have you figured out your pricing on your exterior only clean? If you’re trying to figure that out, I think I remember (and I’m a newbie relative to so many people here (not to mention I use flat-rate pricing)) when I did price-per-window charging I would charge about 60% to do the exterior of what the interior would cost. So if it costs $10 for the exterior and interior panes to be cleaned, it would cost $6 per window to get the exterior only. Hope that helps!

I haven’t quite figured all this out yet. Just trying to get more customers and build recurring accounts. The thought of a maintenance plan was to lure recurring accounts.

we just started offering monthly service of up to 20 exterior panes for $50 a month, it’s like the pool guy or pest guy, we just show up and do the outside regardless of whether the homeowner is home and leave a bill


So? Is it too early to share numbers on wether or not it’s working?

we haven’t pushed it, we just started mentioning it, we’re gonna create a brochure or flyer or something but we now have 2 monthly residentials. they are kinda like $50 storefronts but even a little faster


Hey, that’s an interesting idea. Are you trad or WFP? Do you have lots of 2 story homes where you’re at? I could see that being something we’d pursue, but maybe have a 1 vs 2 story home price difference if there’s a lot of upstairs windows… Keep up the innovation!

Do you have them sign a contract? In my pest control days, they signed a 1yr Contract that automatically renewed at the end of the contract term…unless they called to cancel. Have you thought about charging a little more than the $50.00 per month?

Keep us updated on how its working out for you guys. You guys should get a lot of bites at that price.

I offer a Quarterly Maintenance Plan after the first clean that is 20% off full price for complete inside and outside cleaning every three months. I offer no other discounts other than 10% Military when asked.
I have several residential customers that I can count on as the calendar rolls around. The rest are first time or bi-annual and annual.
Bi-annual isn’t too bad if you get enough of them, unless they are waterfront or under heavy Oak tree cover. :-/


no, i did pest control for 10 years and i hate contracts, the company i worked at that didn’t have contracts did amazing and the one that did had a lot of people grumble about them. id rather they stay because they’re happy to see us than because they’re in a contract.


Do you give 20% for the bi-annual or is that full price?

to be clear i didn’t come up with the idea, i heard about it on josh latimer’s podcast. both homes are 2 story but can be cleaned with wfp, both require us to use a ladder to scale a deck railing (if the customer isn’t home, but we can easily do that with our 13’ little giant. and both have asked to do a few more than 20 panes so they are both about $55-65

i think the guy who came up with the idea is name chris martinez or something, he says it’s not so much about making the money on the 1 house but the effect of being seen “dominating” a neighborhood. I however see it like storefront, i’d love a string of $50 storefronts that take 15-20 min, that’s what we get with these homes.

I’ve heard the podcast, Chris didn’t come up with the idea it’s been around for years.

I hope it works out good for you keep us updated.

The only down fall to it so far for me has been winter if your in a cold climate even dedicated residential customers shy away from service during those times.

It’s a pretty good concept.

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Only quarterly, if they book every 3 months.