Make me a Checklist

At the beginning of next week ill have a 3 days off and want to use them as super productive days.

Anyone is welcome to start throwing ideas my way to start getting stuff done that I might oversee and or waste time just surfing the web…


One question that leads to many answers- How will you grow your business this year?

Now write down what you will need to do to achieve that

Then get to work… that’ll keep you busy for a while. :slight_smile:

Maybe a bit more than a while Paul :slight_smile:

Seth Im spending my time analyzing my biz this week and next… You can read about it here:

My Favorite Time of Year | Window Cleaning

We’re out of chard.

Oh, checklist. I thought it was [I]shopping[/I] list.

Hmmm… was gonna make a “off season” checklist for myself so maybe I’ll do it right here…

  • Rebuild both websites
  • Pimp to SEO on both
  • Design flyers for the whole year
  • Streamline my records bookkeeping
  • Map out storefront areas to hit during January and until my goal of $2500/month is hit (possibly before the end of Jan)
  • Figure out what to do with myself in Feb and March on the off days once that $2500/month goal is reached
  • Calculate which storefronts were sold prior to establishing a price set and work out which ones are worth it and which ones will be pawned off to other companies
  • Design new estimate sheets, add-on service sheets, receipts etc
  • Research which towns to hit with marketing this spring, divide into hand delivered doorhanger areas and mass mail areas
  • Examine strengths and weaknesses in speed of servicing residential windows - experiment and streamline accordingly
  • Research the most cost effective equipment to purchase in April
  • Find and fix whatever the hell is clicking in my front wheel

This is just a sampling of all the crap that needs to be done. I’ll probably add 20 more lines to by the end of this week lol