Male ACME thread to Squeegee Handle adapter

OK, I’ve looked everywhere I can’t find an adapter that has a male ACME thread on the end and has a handle that would fit over a standard locking cone to be able to use my favorite thread on attachments on a pole without having to screw them on and off each time. Is there anyone that makes something like this? I see the replacement cone ends for extension poles, but they really won’t work for a handle for most tools. Seems like something the industry would have came up with a long time ago.

The whole point of threaded tools is that they are fixed secure, what you are describing defeats the entire purpose of threaded tools. That’s why it doesnt exist.

I’m having trouble picturing this.

So the adapter would stay in the handle of the tool being added/removed to the pole? And quick connect on/off, correct?

Check out Ettore. They make dusting brushes that slide on. Lowe’s has a round high duster that slides on. I saw it yesterday.

Yes. I use one of those little rubber broken bulb extractors that look like a rubber finger for detailing up high. I just drape my towel over it and put a hair tie around it to secure it. Would be nice to have a handle that I can just slip on and off the cone easily instead of having to screw it onto the ACME thread every time. Would also come in handy for other things like light bulb changing cages or any DIY tool that you come up with to get into odd places.