Mark Cuban is interesting

I was listening to this interview the other day and thought you guys might enjoy it.

Entreleadership: Mark Cubans Secrets To Success

I didn’t know much about Cuban except seeing him on Shark Tank, but he’s a really interesting guy. Interview will definitely will help you put some fire under your business.

Cliff Note: If you don’t kick your own butt in business, somebody else will.

Haven’t listened yet but I’m a huge D.Ramsey fan thanks for the link.

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I like mark Cuban but I despise Ramsey. It’s funny because people either love him or hate him.

i agree with his idea on being out of debt but his delivery annoys me.

I hear ya
I side step the theatrics and his information is valid and works as described so that’s why I listen

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nice link

I love Dave Ramsey. Oh, I’m sure that if you’re up to your eyes in debt, he can be pretty harsh. But then again, that might be what the person needs. It’s what I needed to get us in gear to start paying off our debt.

It’s why I listen every day. It’s not so much the content (which is really repetitive since it seems like everyone has the same problems) as much as having somebody in your face every single day telling you that yes, you can be debt free and you don’t need to have bills sucking you dry every paycheck. We’ve got the goal of paying off all our debt (except the house) by Christmas. Then the house will be next. By Christmas we’ll be able to put behind us the franchise nightmare.

Anyway, Mark Cuban is really interesting from a business perspective because he’s also about being debt free and I just didn’t know how normal of a guy he was. I thought he just pretended to be normal. So I’ll be looking up more info on Mark for sure!

I have a huge man crush on Mark Cuban. He is awesome.

Thanks for the link. I get a little bored with Dave Ramsey, but the system he promotes works. I paid off the last of my debt (except my house) last December. It was a 6 year project, thanks to a massive medical bill that come up half-way through. Ramsey’s show and book helped keep me focused. The freedom of no payments is even better than I thought it would be.

I read all I can by Dave Ramsey. We are half way to being debt free. Huge fan

Keep going. The freedom really is great!

Nothing is gonna stop us. We are gazelle intense.

i went through FPU along time ago and i must say its helped me tons!, lol I remember co-workers laughing at my ol beat up truck back in the day, but stop laughing when i showed the stack of paychecks in the glove box. In 15 years we have zero debt except the house, i have one hella retirement and my daughters college payed for and still growing!

As for Cuban he is quite the inspiration on drive ,and especially from his younger days of what can be accomplished if ya put the phone down and apply TONS of energy

We’re not really gazelle intense… more like rhinoceros intense. We’re still moving forward, just not as fast as we could.

But then again, we do indulge in some take away pizza on thursday night. And maybe go out for breakfast on the weekend.

Good stories.

Once I got sick of debt it took us three times longer than my friends who are Ramsey “disciples” and did his routine. I was some what jealous to see them accomplish it so quickly but I didn’t want to compromise on our trips overseas or my car :slight_smile:

Few things feel as good as being out of debt…well except my car and house but I’m good with that