Mark forums read - in homepage

One thing that I think you should add.

When I’m reading threads in the forum page, I like to mark forums read when I found all the interesting topics I wish to read and want the other topics to not be in bold. That way when I visit again, I only see the new threads or posts, not the old ones that I ignore.

However under the home page, there is no option to mark all forums read, or all messages read. So you have an accumulating numbe of threads that are bolded that you don’t want to read.

So my suggestion is putting in an option that marks forms/threads read even in the home page.

I use the “Mark Forums Read” choice from the quicklinks button or the Mark Forums Read button on the Forum page.

As regards the latter, that’s why I brought up this topic. It sorta defeats the purpose of encouraging people to go to the homepage if they gotta go over to the forum page to mark forums read.

You actually dont need to go to the forums page… Right from the homepage go right up to quicklinks Very top. Click “Mark Forums Read”

There is a little glitch when you click that it brings you to the forums page… Im trying to fix that… I try to fix glitches as quick as I can… Please email me or post up any others you may find.

that’s good the llaczko brought that up. I didn’t even know about quicklinks.


Use quicklinks to see “Today’s Posts.”

Another good suggestion.