Marketing Idea to Realtors

I’ve read several threads on here regarding past successes and failures some of you have had with Realtors.It seems some have had great experiences with Realtors while others not so much. There was one thread from a few years back that caught my attention and I’m going to steal his idea but refine it to meet my needs.

I’m contemplating the idea of mailing a letter to the top 100 Realtors within 10 miles of my house and basically introducing myself, telling them how awesome my company is, and including three gift cards worth $50 off any Residential service of $300+. I will request that they pass these gift cards onto their clients, friends, family, neighbors, co-workers etc.

The referral program that I will offer the Realtors will be called something simple like, “3 and it’s FREE”. They send me three referrals in 2017 which convert into paying residential customers and we will clean their personal home for FREE in 2018. The “small print” will include the fact that this FREE cleaning is limited to outside only of the glass and it must be performed in either January/February when we anticipate being slower than the other 10 months of the year. Just the outside of the glass, no screens, no tracks, no skylights, no appointments. Take the screens out before we arrive and we’ll get there when we get there. Just a very basic outside only glass cleaning. I figure this could very well open the door to them wanting to pay a little out of pocket and get a more complete job done. Maybe they’ll want in and out, the gutters, skylights, whatever. If they just take their freebie and run, then that’s cool too.

If all 100 of these Realtors send me 3 customers each, that would obviously be fantastic for my bottom line. The downside would be that I would have to perform 100 pro bono outside only cleanings next winter. Obviously not all 100 are going to take me up on my offer, I would be happy with a small handful that could develop into a “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” type relationship going forward.

If nobody takes me up on my offer, then I guess I’m out $50 in postage, paper, and envelopes so no big deal. The way I look at it is, if just one Realtor sends me 3 clients at an average job of $250/each after the gift card, that’s $750 in gross sales. If I have to give the Realtor a FREE $100-$300 outside only cleaning (depending on the size of their home), I’m still way ahead in the end. Would you spend $100-$300 on EDDM in order to get $750 in gross sales? I sure would so I figure this is worth at least trying out on such a small scale. If it’s wildly successful, then I’ll try it with 1,000 Realtors next year. If I get zero responses then no harm done and I’ll scrap the idea.

For the record, I’m in Texas and our Winters are probably nicer than some of your Springs and Summers so cleaning homes in January/February isn’t as crazy as it probably sounds to many of you. Constructive thoughts and feedback would be much appreciated.

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Sounds worth a try. Might as well try to get bids for their offices too, they are a very appearance conscious group.

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Working with realtors is tricky , and getting them to send you business is not easy . I would switch the give away to a deluxe package.
Try finding out when they have they’re monthly meetings with all their realtors are , and see if you can do a small presentation
. Prepare a small presentation of what your company can do to make the home presentable for listing . Take coffee and bagels and you’ll get a good crowd .


Maybe going to their Ooen House presentations would be another ice breaker. They like to have lots of traffic at open house events to show the owners that they are getting lots of visibility.

Open houses are also a good way to connect with new agents, they like to go to open houses to get the free food. Newer agents might be more receptive than the top 100 as most of them might already have a short list of tradesmen that can make their listings saleable.

I’ve never had realtors pay what I want. EVER. Always want a favor and never return them. EVER. Maybe I’m jaded. Wish you the best man, but I don’t work for free and I don’t do discounts either. The price is the price. First time, last time, a million times a year, the price don’t change. Go’s up every year between one and three points thats it.

I wouldn’t focus on getting people to buy your service (this isn’t directed to you Genaro) based on a deal they would get. Because what would be the incentive to buy at your normal price? Your awesome service, the awesome experience? Dude, if you know how to do that, raise the price and keep them regular after offering a low discounted price I think I’d pay to hear it.


Let me pose 2 scenarios:
There’s yours, and mine, and 90+% of window cleaners who do something same or thereabouts with flyers letters discount offers… Ethical, professional etc

Or something a bit more real world

“Hi Mr Realtor/ Property Manager / etc, I will give you a kickback for each job and do your home for nix, his about it???”

“In the race of life, always back self-interest, at least you know it’s trying”

Cynical? Yes. Probability of success? +++!

This is where your efforts should be, not assuming that your “give away package” will generate sales. They can’t twist the arm of their clients to buy your services. For the most part, people SELLING a home are not looking for ways to SPEND more money on the way out.

Perhaps go to these realtors and offer to clean the office windows, glass tables, and mirrors for free in exchange for booked jobs. Far less giveaway, but something they see everyday. Who knows, some of them may ask you to give a quote to clean AND GET PAID to do their own house? :wink:


The secret to realtors is there are a few good ones and lots of bad ones.

Good ones will call you as soon as they know they need windows done (sometimes months in advance), won’t ask you how much it costs because they already know, and you won’t have to deal with the homeowner.

Bad ones will always be calling you needing it ASAP, nickel and dime you saying they will get you lots of business (but will never call you again), and threaten to use someone else if you don’t bend to their every demand.

It is up to you if your willing to put up with bad realtors.


This is SOOOO true.
I have a particular one that I deal with - high end homes only - He works with a budget and gets reimbursed from the home owner, or has a cash amount to draw from for incidentals of home prep for sale.
Only once has it been outside only because of budget restraints.

well yes they can. all of the top agents i know offer service which goes far beyond what used to be thought as realtor duties. home cleaning, sidewalk shoveling, window cleaning, furniture staging.
and often a list fixups that need to be completed before the home goes on the market.
typically here the home must be ready-the sign goes can up but no showings till home ready then announcements like open house saturday open for offers monday.
these are top agents and customers want them specifically because they sell more homes faster and for more money. the costs are sometimes even paid for by the realtor. they do not risk their reputations with clients that will not listen. and they do not use or recommend services they do not trust. some pay very well, some are cheap skates.

You are only talking of a select group. I am talking about general across the board properties going up for sale. In such cases, the realtor can only suggest to get the place painted, spruce up the landscaping, patch the masonry cracks in the wall, wash the roof, etc. The list goes on.

While the elite, executive Realtors who only dabble in half million dollar and up properties may simply include certain services - there are still those $200k/$300k/$400k homes who’s owners are individuals and are free to choose, or not, to do anything prior to the sale. Sorry to have to disagree with your “mandatory” description, but I have seen both options play out. While it is best for the outgoing homeowner to follow a certain laid out protocol, ultimately it is the individuals right and option to do it or not. That is all that I am saying. Somethings get left for the buyer to handle.

The realtors can be very finicky!! I have one who refers work to me but is price sensitive!! Can you do it cheaper, do you have to charge that much etc!! What irked me is I have cleaned her personal house for 3 years, same price every year and then this year it was TOO expensive…ugh!

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