Marketing in Midwest in mid-November?

I’ve seen several people on here recommend gutter cleaning in the late Fall/Winter months. I’d try it, but I’m not experienced with it and I don’t want to risk an injury due to frosted shingles, or spend money on the harness equipment when I’m just starting out.

I’m wondering if anyone does marketing for window cleaning around Thanksgiving, and - if you do - what kind of response you get. I live in Michigan, so cold weather is always a consideration.

Should I save up and wait until late Winter before hitting the pavement and drumming up business? Or at least do one round of door hangers in a few neighborhoods to at least get my name out there?

Use this with an extension wand and a pressure washer for gutters. Profit.

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I’ve seen some people use that. I’d love to! (If only I had a power washer…)

(I already kinow, but…) mention your location, please. :slight_smile:

Then dont go that route… Im a Michigander, too.
People around here, dont do the typical Oct/Nov cleaning… they want to "wait until the leaves fall, which turns out to be late Nov/Dec.

  • at that point the low temps are close to freezing, and you are taking the chance that you will be chipping sludge fromgutters, just because some dipshit decided to wait.

  • Gutters was 19% of my gross, and it was usually customers “who didnt want to climb ladders”/descent level roofs.

  • but more and more, I see pyramid topped roofs, meaning less roof time, and more ladder time = cleaning 3 ft per move.

  • if you are planning on “hitting the pavement” then push the fact that your prospects have a filthy house (in a nice way) during the Hollidays (when they are actually CLEANING their house, and will notice/agree)

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Right right! I’m located in Southeast Michigan.

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