Marketing Plan

Anyone have a marketing plan they would like to share. I need to get my act together with some specific planning but don’t know where to start. I have some knowledge of marketing principles but never put a detailed plan together. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Budget last year was $163,000

We dropped it to a flat $100,000 this year.[/B][/I]

If I can ad one thing we are also doing basically 12 -14 different direct mail campaigns this year. Actual different style size method pieces. Laying out a clear marketing plan and sticking to it will be your key to success. Obviously mine may seem a little overkill for a window cleaning business but… I want to ensure there is always $XXX amount of money on the schedule.

Four P’s of Marketing:

PRODUCT: The quality of your product(or service in this case will in itself generate new business).

PRICE: Your pricing system will determine potential customers making the transition to paying customers

PLACE: The companys position both in terms of where it rests in the publics mindframe (i.e years est. and publics perception) and physically in terms of where you advertise and what areas are covered.

PROMOTION: How you promote the company…(advertising essentially) e.g offering prizes in local community events, leafelet drops, many more as listed above by chris…

Hey Chris,

I was thinking more along the lines of:

[]Purpose and Mission
]Situational Analysis
[]Marketing Strategy and Objectives
]Tactical Programs
[]Budgets, Performance Analysis and Implementation
]Additional Considerations
I was trying to educate myself on how one goes about analyzing a market to target certain demographics effectively, and then implements the plan and tracks the results.

Oh I see Steve… sorry about that… Well for the most part we really don’t get to into that… There are about 225 - 250 towns we cover… I basically target the top 50 towns income wise.

Really those that have the most disposable income.

Steve how long have you been in Business?

I have only been in business for 3 years now and i do not do any advertising.

The only thing that i have is a website, and that generates more business than i can handle. but remember you have to get your website optimized or nobody will find you.

Well, even being in business 20 years does not mean advertising is not needed. We all have our “comfy zones”. Chris flat out blankets and it shows in massive numbers. That is what he wants, 10s of thousands of regular clients. His comfy zone is when the machine is running at full steam.

Every major and minor company advertises (who want growth), so your surprise that Steve is still working on marketing surprises me.

If 99.9% of us depended exclusively on our website, we would be out of business.