Marketing Struggles? Why?

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I wish you all the best Paul. You’re very good at what you do, and I’m sure you’re going to be able to help other small business owners, too, generate more revenue, using intelligent marketing strategies.

You can quote me on that!


Thanks for getting this out in front of members here.

Fairplay…may be good to get some contact details on here?

CFP wrote:Anywho, I am off of this forum now too,

Did someone else leave this forum that I didnt hear about? Just wondering.


Perhaps a reference to NWCD.

Paul you know I love ya man. You give great marketing advice. Best tips I have seen on any board. But I have to ask. If you can grow a small business to a large one, then why did you get out of the WC’ing business? I read one of your posts on National a while back that said you were in the business for 11 years. I would think after 11 years with your experience in marketing your business would be huge. But you have stated in the past that you are small business. You have also stated your goal in the WC’ing industry was all about the money, which is cool cause that’s why I’m in it. But if it was all about the money, all about growing, why leave after 11 years? I’m not busting your balls here. But I had to ask cause it’s been a question on my mind pertaining to you.

Careful, Careful, asking those kind of questions is likely to get a thread closed.

Not on this forum.

Thanks to Chris and Alex for their continued world-class support.

I think’s Paul journey has not been constant, and that [I]of late especially[/I] have the lights really started to go on in his head, and has he acquired his strengthened passion for, and expertise in marketing.

I think that may explain it.