Marketing to Business

Does anyone use any marketing material to businesses? I am working on a hand out for commercial, but wanted to know if anybody else uses them or just give a business card out.


We use these to leave prices for places before they open. There just printed on post it note paper. So we can just go around sticking them on doors. We also have a couple of different fliers we leave when trying to obtain the account. I know paneless has a pretty neat one that shows 3 common WC mistakes.

what returns do you see from the post it quote? do your technicians and route guys help with the post it quote. like the idea

So you print it on post it paper. I have not thought of that. I like it. I did notice that you do not leave a price for outside or inside only.
I have worked a few strip malls in the area and now I want to go back through again and put fliers out. Then in a few weeks go back and do the eye to eye thing again. Then repeat. Trying to build a route up for steady income.
I want to keep my name in front of them, so when “joe blow” quits, my price and number will be in their mind.

Sorry "joe"but, you gotta go! Its time to build a business!!!


Post it Note is a very cool idea, but it seems tack. I think it might make a business owner upset. But i could be wrong, what kind of response do you get from it.

I always feel it is better to talk to the owner face to face, but i could be wrong.

I don’t know why but I chuckled when I read that.


This kind of thing is GREAT for when no one is home, though.

Where did you get them printed, looks like a pretty big investment through Almost 1500 bucks for large post notes, and about 800 bucks for the small ones.

I don’t recall exactly where I got them printed. I seem to remember that they were in the $350 range. Also they are on real post it paper. Theres nothing worse than a imitation post it note that falls off 5 minutes after you stuck it to something. We only use them for store front stuff. Our route guys and sales person use them when they have some free time in the mornings. They jott there initials on the back so we can distribute commissions appropriately when someone calls in.

When I cleaned storefronts, we handed out really sweet door hangers and mailed out postcards. It may just be my area but I didnt get squat for ROI. The reason being is that storefront competition is cut throat in my area. If a storefront window even looked a little dirty, someone (including me) was trying to get that account. Its hard to market this way to storefronts from my own experience. Too many competitors stepping on each others toes. Face to face is most effective. You may get a few that are just moving in with a post it.