Marvin Tripe Pane Windows- A pain to clean?

We got a quote thru responsibid for a guy with a ton of french pane marvin windows with the triple pane that clips on the OUTSIDE, not the inside like pella windows. The job is far enough away that I can’t go down there and look at it in person, but it would be worth it to go clean. Does anyone have experience with these windows? Are they a pain to deal with the triple pane being outside?

Have him text or email mail you some detailed pics and price them high. They will most likely be a pain to deal with. If he accepts the price then go and evaluate them and give him a more accurate price

The biggest factor on these is if they’ve been painted by hacks. If they are new and haven’t been painted then they aren’t that difficult to deal with. I’m not sure I’ve come across a Marvin with an removable third pane, most of what we deal with is a removable pane that makes it a double paned. If they are older and have been painted make sure you get a waiver or let the customer know you won’t be responsible for any that break because they were painted in. Some have a lip that fits in a slot on the top of the sash and this gets painted in more than any other part.

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These are my absolute least favorite windows to clean. I always charge a premium over my regular storm window rates (still probably not enough). The absolute worst part for me is when the frame gets stuck in the groove and starts to separate from the glass. Ugh!

The one ‘redeeming’ factor is the double hungs can usually be tilted in. This saves you from some decidedly sketchy ladder work.

My tools of choice are a 3" putty or broad knife, my storm easel, and lots’a elbow grease & patience. There’s no rushing these.

And btw, Marvin will not call these storm windows. They’re “thermal panels”. As if that lessens the aggravation in any way!

Go look in person, even if it’s far out of the way. If they’re far way enough to make the cleaning price worth it don’t screw your self on a half assed estimate.

Aim high for the hassle of the work and toss yourself in a little extra for having to drive down for the estimate prior to the job. If th customer takes it awesome, if not you’ll still have their contact info and your own accurate estimate for if/when they call back looking for you when someone else couldn’t handle the job down the road.

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