Max height

Assuming both feet on the ground, how high can a person go working solo and using a good wfp pole without sacraficing quality outcomes? I’m updating some ad copy and want to be honest and accurate.


I got paid for an 88ft pole job and believe I could reach 100ft if I could find a job high enough.

I saw the pics of you doing that job and I have to say I was impressed!:wink:

With a good Carbon Fiber, you can go 60ft no problem. With a Tucker, it starts getting real hard over 50 ft. That thing gets way to flexible. Great Pole for 2-4 stories though.


Common advertisement is 60’


Was that 88 feet with the fishing poles?

I would say 45’-50’ with a telescoping pole (ionic pole) Unger carbon fiber 60’-65’ safely one man if you can lift it.

80ft with the Garbolino/F16 fishing pole that karlos has, and then 88ft with an Emporium.

Eric, are you talking about residential? I find that commercial at the heights of 40ft+ aren’t looking for the kind of clean that a 3 story house customer would be.

Gardiner Poles SL2 is so light and rigid you could use it all day at 60ft. You can go higher with it but your out of guarantee then.

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Is anybody, selling, or planning on selling those bad boys over here in the states??

I have a big 4 story that my 60ft just reaches, and they are going to build 2 more stories on it later this year.



Reach Higher Ground is the exclusive distributor for the Gardiner Line in the US. WCR and others do resell the poles through us.

We will have one at the show.

The SL2 can be purchased from:-

Then just add some extra base sections.
My personal view after trying an Emporium pole at a trade show and then buying the SL2 is that the Emporium pole does not feel as strong as the SL2 when in use. A small number of people have reported the Emporium breaking under normal use but not heard of any with the SL2. The SL2 is only 2.6kg making it just 0.5kg heavier than the Emporium but on a 60ft pole you definatly can not feel a difference in weight. You only feel a difference in the quality and the SL2 beats the Emporium easily and that is why it has swept through the UK WFP market.
You can use it at that height almost all day long…

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How high can I go with one of these? Right now my biggest pole is a 60ft Ionics. I’ll need one taller than that.



We have a client in FL currently working with one at 70’ for a hospital.

Warranty is voided past 60’ though.

I did hear about a company in Birmingham, UK going over the 100’ mark - a few snaps & not a very good finish & also they would never try it again :smiley:

Hey, I’ll try anything once.

Excellent!! I’ll be interested in cking those poles out!


There is an outdoor demo scheduled for the afternoon of Weds. the 18th in Atlanta at the Hotel.

I’ll be sure to hoist one for you then.

The SL2 will feel unbeliveably light after using an Ionics pole… Being a modular pole it will take a little getting use to but you will find you end up getting to height quicker. I do a school that is an old manor house and I need the 60ft length to do the velux windows in the roof. I hold the SL2 up with 1 hand while adding the sections to it even at 60ft. The other advantage to using a modular is that when you are working at lower heights you are not still lifting a 60ft pole like you are with a telescopic pole. Make sure you apply PTFE (Teflon) spray regularly on all joints and use some strong tape to act as a stop to prevent the upper section moving to far down and getting stuck. after a few uses this gets less likely.

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