Mayfly season is here

Here in PA, towns near rivers get blizzards of Mayflies. They make a mess of Supermarket windows. I’d like to hear how other’s deal with it.

Welcome Bartr!

When it comes to flies, they are all the same to me…unless of course you tear the wings off a fly and turn him into a walk.

So what is a Mayfly? Or is it just a common fly?

I have found that typically homes with the most flies are also the homes where people just dump their trash right into the garbage can instead of bagging it all up and sealing it off when it goes into the can. Also, homes near farms or orchards tend to have more flies as well.

As for killing them, those traps where they crawl in but can’t crawl out work well, as do the old sticky strip that hangs down.

I don’t like recomending sprays for obvious health reasons but also because homeowners always wind up spraying the windows too.

So how do you deal with the Mayfly?

Oh and I scrape if there is bug poo on the window.

Hey Bartr! I’m a couple hours NE of you.
Nate, mayflies are seasonal and I don’t believe they come only where unsanitary conditions exist. As Bartr said, he’s near a large river.
I’ve had times when I just had to clean my squeegee off of a few that got caught in the pass and then redo the window real quick. Never had to deal with blizzards of them.

Ah. I guess I’m only used to the typical house variety of flies out here.