Measuring Clarity

Has anyone ever measured the clarity of glass over time? My thoughts are specifically with store fronts. Maybe something like a tint meter that could check the same spot of glass that hasnt been cleaned. Checked maybe on a daily basis so you can get incremental data. That way you can discuss facts and numbers with a prospect. For instance we know that solar panels efficiency can be reduced by up to 30% when dirty. I think it would be best to do it on a store that is close to the road and not near a stop sign so traffic can kick up more dirt.

Not sure why anyone would bother.

If it’s dirty it needs to be cleaned.

Now you could do a scientific study on the effect dirty windows had in a customers desire to purchase. And chart numbers by industry. A restaurant will have a different number then a bar for example.


I would bother because I like numbers. Its an exact science. If I could say that the inside of your store is 30% less visible from the sidewalk, I think that would be a good selling point.

I think it would be cool to do a study on something like that. I wouldnt know where to begin

Hey, whatever floats your goat.

I’ve thought about starting a webpage to nationally track the individual colors in a skittles package and then I could chart it to see distribution.

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Do you suspect that some areas get more colors than you do?

No, I just want to see if there is an even distribution per area.

I think you should buy a few packs and separate the colors and count them first. If the numbers are off between packages then proceed with the website. They may have a system that evenly distributes the colors.

Maybe you can coordinate with this guy. Skittles (Fruits, Wild Berry, Tropical, Smoothies & Sour) - Candy Blog Seems like he may have the same interests as you. Maybe you can guest blog with him. Is this just a hobby for you or are you trying to collect data that may improve your business?

No, I haven’t had skittles in about 8 years. I’d get them when I was in my cubicle. I don’t care about m&m’s, reeces, etc, just for some reason I’m curious about skittles. Not sure why.

I actually had a spreadsheet with numbers from when I would eat a package of skittles. Each package seemed to have a dominant color.

The point is that this color thing has bothered me for 8 years but I could care less about storefront visibility percentages. It’s binary to me: either it’s clean or it needs to be cleaned.

But like I said, whatever floats your goat!


I’m really glad you got out of a the cubicle, man! You weren’t being figurative when you said it was driving you crazy.