Mechanics Liens

I have seen a couple people on here talking about Mechanics Liens.

I have filed a couple hundred over my construction career and have had to perfect a few. What I was wondering is if you guys would like me to write an article about walking you through the Mechanics liens process to include: Preliminary Notices, Filing Liens, Perfecting Liens, when to hire a Lawyer, the effect and effectiveness of Liens and the reason why not to file one.

Respond to this thread and if there are enough requests I will write an article for WCBO.

Sounds great Brett!! I’ve never had to file one, yet…but it’s sounds like good info we all may need one day.


I think that would be very interesting.

That would be really helpful. If you could include what needs to be filed and timelines of each, that would be great.


I will definitely include timelines and the order that you will have to fill each paper in order to make the lien valid.


Hopefully nobody here will ever have to file a lien. But the information will be a good tool in your briefcase.

Thanks, Brett!

Sorry you’re an expert…

I have done a couple of notarized "Intent to File Mechanic’s Lien"s but haven’t had to actually complete the process yet.
Sounds like a great article.

yeah, i would enjoy reading that!

thanks Brett

I have done more than one. It is good information to know Brett, thank-you.

One caveat is that each State has its own rules. I know Florida is very specific about when and how to send the Notice to Owner, before you even step on to the job site. If you don’t follow the Florida law exactly prior to performing any work, you can’t file for a lien later.


You are exactly correct and I will cover that in my article. That being said, the basic premise of the Mechanics Lien and knowing the implications and expectations of those liens may prove as valuable knowledge in the future of your business.

You are correct and thank-you for your effort here. I am looking forward to reading your article

I would really enjoy reading that article.