Meet 11 Year Old Oliver - Window Cleaner in Texas!

We were just told we had one of our younger entrepreneurs visit us at the IWCA convention! Meet 11 year old Oliver Cohen of Texas!

Oliver said, “I’m currently trying to do it full-time which is for me only on the weekends, any day I have. I’m trying to get this business to go. I have a few others. I sold a trashcan business play with them in an out for people. I’m trying to grow my business a lot and I’m currently getting into water fed pole work.”

We offered to send Oliver some new equipment and swag. We’ll keep you updated on his journey!

Don’t forget that we offer a student discount for any window cleaners still in school! Apply here:


Little dude is inspiring! Very rare to see a kid wanting to work. Never too young to start teaching personal accountability and responsibility.

My first pay check with my name on it was at 7 years. Relatives threatened my parents that they’d call child services. Bought my first Specialized mountain bike at 8 years old with cash. Nothing could’ve better given me such a boost in confidence!


I met Oliver yesterday at IWCA. I was just so incredibly happy to see him getting after it. Super impressive kid.


Kudos to Oliver!

I wish I had the wherewithal to start a real business at that age.

Great for him! Already sold a business? I keep accumulating them…maybe I should sale too! :slight_smile:

seen plenty of these over the years and not a fan.

-Are they paying taxes?
-Are they charging decent amount or ruining the market for others.

A kid works hard. Cool. I did not murder anyone but no one is giving me a gold star. :slight_smile: