Mentor needed

Looking for someone that might be interested in mentoring me in window cleaning. Equipment , sales, how to clean,wfp’s, lingo, ect…in exchange I can pass on some pressure washing info… I wanna add this to my pressure washing business for next yr. both com and res. work.
cell is 859 948 2884.
Lexington Kentucky.

Look no further Lou the collective Wcr mind can be your mentor… If that doesn’t work for you … I’m sure someone will help you out…

Group I met Lou at Nola earlier this year and we have become good friends. He has a lot of knowledge about pressure washing and property management type stuff.

Im right in your back yard. Give me a call sometime I don’t mind helping ya out. Plenty of windows for all of us.

Im looking into adding pressure washing next year. ill call you in the morning and we can trade some info. get some window cleaning questions ready for me!