MERX Contracts

Hey guys,

I am wondering if any of you have ever looked for/bid on contracts posted at the MERX site ( - Canadian Government Public Sector Contracts)? If you have bid on some/retained some, could you comment on the process/criteria/profitability/competetition, etc.?

Brady, I have looked around on there myself, never found anything near my town. I think i asked Kevin once about this and he mentionned they usually would go for the cheapest bid, not surprising with our government. I did however register my business on another federal site…at least i think it was at the federal level (it was long time ago so i dont really remember) and it basically put your business name and skills you cna provide on a list that they pull company names from if they ar elooking for bids. Have never received any calls from it. There area few larger gov. buildings here in north bay that id love to have at least the opportunity to bid on window cleaning.

If you find out any details let me know, and if i find out anything or remember where i registered, ill let you know.

There does not appear to be much here for me.

Have you tried the local gov site municipal, federal, provincial? to see if there are any postings there for you?

I saw a posting on the Merx site in the Fall (2008) requesting bids for window cleaning 59 buildings at CFB Borden/Barrie/Owen Sound.
I live 20 mins. from CFB Petawawa and I have been checking out the site to see about possible window cleaning contracts. Isn’t there a fairly large CFB in North Bay, Eric? Have you inquired about window cleaning services to them at all?

As ex Military,
my suggestion is just to go to the Base, go and speak with the Base Quartermaster. Normally he is a Base Warrant Officer or similar rank, crusty old bastard who has seen it all. Be polite, be clean shaven, and wear cloths with 0 wrinkles. Any corporate wear should be worn it is a uniform, so to speak and that speaks volumes to military personnel. Or cops!

He might like you and then he will pave the way, for getting to the right people.
They all seem to drink Port… just thinking here, Xmas pressy…

The Captain or whoever is the contact will listen to him if he says, put this guy on the call list. Any military experience or family experience, mentioned casually, but not over stressed, will be taken in.

The base normally has civilian workers in their employ, he can pave the way there as well.

I think that they only post stuff, that can not be filled with their normal contacts. They might only want to go the sq ft pricing method unless you have just a per level price that does not include small windows, etc.
? Understand?
ps. look up Canadian Rank Structures before you go, you do not have to memorize them, but if you call the Chief Warrant officer a captain, be expecting to have a frosty conversation.
written explained

Brady, yes we do have a CFB here in North Bay, its mostly civilian now though. I have kept eyes open for for tenders. But I have not went forward to the base to inquire. I have inquired at the Airport which is on the base but got a “thank you for your interest” only.

Yeah - all this kinda stuff is tendered out, and I even flew out to Edmonton about 5 years back, pursuing a janitorial bid.

Don’t know anyone who’s landed a MERX WC contract.