Met My "Competition" Today

So I was driving through my hood today and saw a window washer’s truck. Eh, let me stop in and see what he has to say. We meet. Great guy. Nice as could be. Showed me his truck, WFP and I showed him my stuff. He had never done a wagtail before, so we cleaned the back window of my truck with it so he could try it out. I said I know I’m you’re competition. He said, I don’t care, there’s plenty of work out there. I asked how many customers he has. He said oh, about six hundred. I never advertise. They just call when they need me. I said will you look at my flyer and see what you think? Too wordy he said. Gave me one of his door hangers and said this is what you need. Any way…fantastic experience, great guy, great business. Made a friend who I can talk shop with right in the hood. Man, I love this business. :roll_eyes:


I have seen my competition and I’m terrified to let them know they have competition now. Small town. County prob has 40-60,000 residents. I think they are mostly store front. I don’t want to expose my plans of resi jobs and give them any ideas. Am I the only one that fears this lol. Glad you met them. Maybe once I grow I won’t be so scared. Been a month into my new company.

Cruze (that’s what I’m gonna call you from now on, since yer family n’ everything) I posted this just for you. You gotta have hope. From your pic and demeanor you look like a razor sharp guy. Do not sweat your (not) competition. You go after that resi, that school and just be yourself. Trust me, you’re gonna do fine.


If you are small all the more reason to go say hello.

Either they will be assholes, or they will be cool. Bet you they might be cool and kick you some work



insecurities and assumptions ruin many opportunities


I agree go up an talk to everybody they could be cool is right. I talk to everyone I keep it friendly. I have a good rapport with most Window cleaners an some power washers in my area. I help them they help me An we team up in things.
Plus I knew a bunch of Winfow cleaners before I even started on my own. I also have very good high school friends of mine that were An still are in the business. Good to know people !


For the most part, my competition has been one of my greatest assets.

I will always introduce myself to a competitor. A lot have become friends. Offhand, I can count 7 that were actually at my wedding.

There’s always going to be some douchebags that feel the need to shake things up, but having friends that do what you do locally is invaluable.


Local guy who use to be big boy has a bad rep for being difficult. No idea why but he took a liking to me, probably the asshole, but man he was huge for us in one particular tight spot

Beyond that I have 3 people that we kick work around as much as we can.

Say hello, who knows maybe you meet a future employee.


I’m in a town of 22,000 people and I talk with other local window cleaners here weekly.
It can be a good thing.


I don’t view them as competition, as much as I view them building the marketplace with me. Sure, there might be some crossover on jobs, but it’s no big deal. They are helping you get the market into a culture of clean windows. Try moving into a small area where no one cleans their windows and you’ll see what I mean.


I’ve gotten in touch with two local guys. Both have referred us work and have been happy to talk to me. We have yet to hang out to talk shop and what not but I’m happy to know I can refer them for jobs beyond my scope. Now, the local window genie guy scoffed at me at the gas station when he saw our truck once. He has a 2.4 rating on google, not interested in talking to him lol


Competition is just what we call them, no reason why you cant build a relationship similar to what you have here.

Networking on a local level rather than online is a huge help.


“Compete and only one will win, cooperate and everyone wins.” ~ me


yes sir

a rising tide raises all ships!!

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Yeah, I’m friendly with my competitors too, but they can take my living so, keep your friends close but your frenemies closer. Use the heck out of social media for advertising.

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I make it a point to stop and say Hello to any window cleaner I see. Are you kidding me? This is a brotherhood! Who else wants to hear me talk about window cleaning, you know? LOL.

There is so much glass out there guys, I don’t believe in cut-throat tactics. Hell, some of these other window cleaners have given me a job or two that they can’t get to. Networking is INVALUABLE. I’ve even met 2 people on this forum in real life, it’s awesome seeing their tools and how people like Luke and even Kalfas has inspired them. Hearing their story on how they got into it always puts a smile on my face, as we are an elite group. The demand exceeds the amount of businesses cleaning, it’s a freaking gold mine out there just waiting to be cleaned.


“If any of my competitors were drowning, I’d put a hose in their mouth and turn on the water.”

Anyone? :sweat_smile:

Wow David…


Yup. Nice comment. Was in a property yesterday where they “do their own windows”. Let me tell you, they had stunning windows. When I “worked” those windows and showed her what a professional window cleaner can do she was totally blown away. I love my craft. Thanks for the reply.

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You’ve been going to too many conventions. :rofl: