Meta tags?

Hey everyone,

Well its pouring rain here in southern California and Im working on my website since all my jobs are cancelled. So Im trying to insert meta tags into my html. I’m using, a website builder and I just can’t find out how to insert these things. Anyone have any experience with these??? Also I just spoke with a guy about pay per click interent advertising. It sounds pretty good but I’m a little skeptical. Any advice?


where in socal are you?
Meta tags are important, but only a small part of the equation

Ventura county

I’d love to help. I just looked at your post again. I’m not familiar with how works, sorry.

To use meta tags you’ll have to work on the source code. If your hosting/web building service allows you to do this without needed to work on source code then you should give them a call and explain it to you.

If you are able to work on the code, meta tags go within the <head></head> tags.

Example: [COLOR=“DarkRed”]<head> <meta name=“keywords” content="Window Cleaning, window cleaner, etc. /> </head>[/COLOR] You’ll also need “description” meta tags.

I also use 1 and 1 and have a website up. What is a meta tag? Just seeing if maybe I too can improve my website.