Metal Roofing Over Porch or Bump Out

Can I walk or stand on this stuff in order to do the windows above?

I don’t think it’s copper…just some ornamental sheet metal stuff that the architect/builder used instead of shingles.

Waddya think? I’d hate to bend it or leave footprints…

There are different types of metal roofing. If it’s a narrowing seam of metal joining the panels (called standing seam roofing) you should walk on the flat part of the roofing. If it’s got wider ribs where the metal overlaps then you walk on the ribs and not on the flats. If it’s wet watch your step in either case.

I always do a thurough check to see whats holding up the roof, especially over porches and car ports, around here most of those are just held up with 2x4 with 24" gaps, if you walk between the gaps you go thru. Roofs, different story.

Convertible Korkers with the foam soles help.

i always check with customers too, i have them give me the ok to walk on climb on, im usually the lightest one in the crew so its me up there on the glass sunrooms/metal roofs…