Metallic Ladder Feedback

Our friends over at Metallic Ladder who brought back the 1/2 piece stack ladders wanted some feedback from window cleaners on what would be the next, most valuable size to help your business (top or middle section).

If you can spare a minute of your time and fill out a survey for us we’d appreciate it. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to take the survey:

As a thank you, we’re giving away one FREE 16 Foot Metallic Ladder Un-Loaded Kit ($999 value) to one random person who fills out the survey. Winner randomly chosen and announced on July 3rd.

I always find myself needing a 4’ section so I will be purchasing one of those sections soon. I have the top section with the v groove and I love it so far.

I could see an 8’ top section (it’s the only one that could be longer without being impossible to assemble).

I keep Extendaleg levelers on the base segment, which, I think they should build that design into an ‘uneven terrain’ base segment model. They should use the exact style as extendaleg, the most superior leveling feet imo, don’t understand how so many guys aren’t using them…

My biggest issue with these ladders is how horribly difficult they are to separate.

The 4’ section I recently bought locks in so tight it took 2 people to pull it apart, and I’m talking 3 stooges fall on your ass scenario.

I did some work on it and can now put my leg and knee in it and get it but it’s totally ridiculous and makes it a big hazard to separate inside a customers house (which is where i primarily where I use it, interiors). Even my original 4 sections don’t assemble as I’d like them too.

I’d also like to see an ‘ultralight’ ladder series, 4’ and 16’ primarily. Made out of some high tech, light weight, sturdy material. As a residential cleaner who almost exclusively uses 4 + a 16’ with levelers, I’d pay big bucks for those…

When will the new carbon fiber sectionals be released?


You have to grind down the rivets a little on outsides of top and insides of bottom on each section. Then they will disconnect easily

I’ve done a little of that, need a little more, but it’s not exactly what i want to be doing on my ladders. Why don’t they just make them 1/8” different so they work correctly, ya know?

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I would like to get more rubber bonnets
They used to make them