Metallic sectional ladders with Xtenda leg levelers on STAIRS

So I understand the standard tread-width of a stair had to be 9", with a 8" riser prior to 2012. I love my 3 section 24’ Werner compact extension ladder, but with the extra width required to handle an extra fly, I can’t use it on older staircases when I need to clean an upper window mid-case using Xtenda leg levelers.

Does anyone have experience using Xtenda leg levelers on Metallic brand sectional ladders on stairs? Are the base sections narrow enough to allow the feet to sit on the stairs properly without the weight bearing section of the rubber foot overhanging unsafely?

Thanks in advance.

Not extenda legs in the pic but same premise. You gotta have a less the 90 degree angle against the stairs. Or else the base is too wide and the legs won’t span two steps.

Hope this helps.

Robbie Hanson
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Thanks Robbie! I like how the sectionals sit on corners the way an extension cannot. I think that alone has me convinced that a stack is the way to go, particularly inside.

Now I have this side concern of denting hardwood floors when pulling sections down in an uncarpeted foyer. Do most of you bring a pad of some sort?

I usually have a folded up drop cloth if I have to set the ladder up and take it down on harder surfaces that I think will be damaged. Sometimes I forget though. Never had a problem with it (knock on wood)

Maybe a couple of those foam puzzle looking squares might be a good idea to carry with you.

And yes stacks are the shizz been using them for 11 years now.

With a LG style ladder you could both windows in that picture in one set.

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Yea, I was thinking about the multi-ladder option as well. I may invest in a 17’ lg instead of a stack set at the moment. I’ve yet to see a residential window 15+ ft from a set of stairs. I’m sure they exist.

I’d say just flip the sectional on it’s nose throw some ladder mits on the two rails and get to work.