Methanol Storage

For those in the northern climates. How are you storing your methanol? Are you buying it straight or are you using a diluted version… say from windshield wiper fluid? We usually get it in 55 gallon drums… Keeping that much on hand really makes me nervous. I am thinking about getting some sort of fire proof container that can store a 55 gallon drum. How is everyone else storing theres?

I’d love to find it here in smaller quantities say 5 or 10 gallon containers. Until then I just suffer thru w/ winshield wiper fluid. That I store in my small shed out back. I did find a place that was having a sale at $5.32 for 6 gallons.

Just remember

Good point Chris! I don’t smoke but recall the horror stories of guys that had so much alcohol in their water that a cigarette tossed (accidently) into the bucket resulted in them seeing the bucket melt before their eyes because the alcohol was burning w/ a white nearly invisible flame.

I found a supplier for Methanol! It was a local racing supplier. He even is willing to sell it to me in 5 gallon quantities. It cost $3.50/gal. I got a 5 gallon gas can to keep it in and marked it as methanol. I’m putting some in a gallon jug that I marked off in 16oz increments so I can keep close track of the percentage of it in my solution. Thanks to Chris for the suggestion of checking w/ a racing supplier!

As for storing Methanol. Afire proof room would be ideal. But if that isnt availible. And they are expensive 5 grand and up depending on size of room. I store mine in my storage shed. Just make sure it it well ventalated and of course grounded. You dont need any wayward spark making a big mess of things. :eek:

I keep mine next to the water heater so it doesn’t freeze. :eek:j/k:D

I am certain you all know you are in serious violation of city, county, state and federal code.

stop posting about it here.

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“This is Slade Stone in front of yadda yadda house…or where yadda yadda house used to be. Last night just after midnight a resounding explosion was heard that floored this house, the house next door, the house next door to that and so on for 14 houses both directions…”

I just found this supplier. I can’t stand winshield washer fluid because of the dye, soap and smell.

?? Sorry just do not get it??

I keep mine in the back metal shed.

Not sure about your country.

But USA has limits on flamable items, poisons and such that can be stored at home or office.

Methanol is not only a fire hazard, it is also a drying agent. It is highly exposive and when mixed with certain house hold products found under 99% of kitchen sinks…it becomes a bomb. That bomb can level a city block.

Storing it ANYWHERE in amounts larger than 1-2 gallons may be a felony.

Many here are posting on a public forum THEY STORE IT!

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The post about stop posting here might seem worth ignoring. But let the wrong person read this and your web masters may have issues outside

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All jokes aside I think the purpose of this thread should be how to store chems properly. Lets face we all have to use certain things that treated in the improper fashion could cause serious harm. so inturn we should take the proper measures to be safe. her is what we use for all our chemicals in the shop. It’s bigger than the one I have but you get the point.