Micro-Tiger and Monsoon Fans


I use 'em all in differing situations – they all have their place.

You really do need to carry clean sleeves for those occasions when a replacement is required. Keep them behind that Nissan’s seat.

My general all purpose sleeve is the Ettore microfiber. I like it because it holds a decent amount of water with little dripping. (good for interiors) Sleeve lasts me quite a while.

I have a 22" Unger monsoon that I use on my Visa Versa tool. Great for holding tons of water. I use it mostly for high commercial glass.

I’ve use the Ettore porcupine sleeve for home exteriors that have plenty of pollen on them and the results were good. Very little need for a scraper after that. In my opinion, one of the best trade off sleeves when you want water retention and safe scrubbing action. (also works well on nicotine stained glass) [I]Don’t use on tinted glass, will damage.[/I]

I have Unger Rufface sleeve (scrubber pad one side, soft on the other) and have only used it once. Very little water retention. Waste of time in my opinion.

I’d love a Monsoon/Porcupine hybrid. Is this what a microtiger sleeve is? If so I’d look into that.

What gets my goat - is the Ettore T bars are so exact in size to the covers - I struggle everytime putting the porcupines on. The ends always go on the porcupines as well - good for cutting down & making my 6"ers, but I reckon 3 months is the lifetime limit on 'em. If they were a bigger sleeve, I’d put another cover underneath for water retention. If you get a cheap T bar - this works!


My general purpose sleeve is the Unger microfiber, for the reasons you list.

I find the Porcupine’s water retention to be insufficient, but I do enjoy its scrubbing capability.

I use the Porcupine with an Unger ErgoTec handle.