Mid Rise Bidding and best way

Hi folks, I am getting bak into Window cleaning and want to enter mid-rise Market. what would be a good resource and start point for this

In the middle?

all kidding aside. do you want to go up or go down to access the windows?

Id like to do them from the ground or in a lift

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Welcome Tom. Check in your area on the availability and prices for different size lifts so when you need them you already have some idea of the cost and sizes you have at your disposal.

If I may ad to what Tony wrote?

If this is a serious interest, you may also wind it useful to go talk to the good folks who rent those devices like T said…further, sign up for the class they offer in regard to driving and safe use for every lift they rent.

A WFP will also be useful if your budget allows.

any idea how high you want to go?

I have been Thinking WFP but price is a factor. Can you speak about bidding that out. Also if anyone can speak on bidding midrise windows alone, I know I have to add in the price of the lift. price per window.

I live in central New Jersey

Thanks for all the help!!!

Thanks Tony and thanks again for our off line email, Tom

Hey Tom

Im from North Jersey feel free to get in touch if you need anything. You should hook up with United rentals, and sunbelt rentals. They are in our area and when you need a job done… they will go free of charge and look at it for you… Tell you what size lift youll need and drop it off for you. You really cant beat that it takes a lot of the guess work out.

Thanks Chris, What is the bid range for residential Commercial Store front and mid rise? I have been out for a little while and want to really hit commercial work. if you want to or not send me an e-mail off line so as not to tip your hat. I am in Ocean county and thats where I will stay. Thanks!!!

Store Front anywhere from 10 -30 bucks a stop

Commercial office buildings anywhere from a hundred bucks to $20,000

It varies to much to pin it down. There all different sizes and shapes, with different frequencies… But if I had to guess and average it, I would say probably a grand average up here. We are more in the woods than you though. Its mostly residential work for us.

Thanks Chris!!!

Chris can you speak about residential? and again I am sorry if I am out of line with these questions.

Tom I can speak about anything you like. What would you like to know about residential?

Your not out of line. We open the doors of almost all aspects of our business for everyone to see.