Mike Vidan

What’s up family!
It’s been a minute since I’ve been on, and i did do a search here and cane up only with an intro of the person I’m asking about in the pressure washing forum.

That’s it.
Mike, if you’re reading this if you can respond that would be great.

I just got an email from you Mike about some nonsense about 2 million square foot buildings that you had to bid on or something like that, and that you close commercial leads all the time

I’ll give you props on being a good marketer, because you got me curious and kinda pissed at the same time.

I got no problems paying you for figuring out what you’ve learned, but honestly I’ve been burnt way too many times to believe this is true.

I couldn’t find anything out about you online and I’m hoping you’re a regular on the form so you can explain without giving it away of course, why it’s worth my money?

If you can convince me I’ll be your customer for life.

I say this with sincere respect, and I’m not trying offend you either.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.
Thank you for your time.

Those of you who have paid him already, it’s it worth the money and time or is it do do.

I ain’t doing the while fake guru thing again.

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Try it out man!

It’s only $399 :wink:

Jk, but I did get the same email too.

I could care less about commercial work.

“I just got a text from my call team about a lead that wants to get an estimate on washing two 1 MILLION sq. ft. commercial buildings. I would be jumping up and down with excitement, but I’ll be honest, big leads like this come in all the time.” - lol

I bought the roof cleaning marketing, includes before/afters, postcard template to edit myself… but the only reason I bought it was for a roof cleaning cartoon info video that’s about a minute long.

Last week I closed 3 roof cleanings after sending this video to prospects.

With the $200 I paid initially, it’s more than 20x paid for itself in helping me close more roof cleaning with less talking to prospects and current customers

Without knowing Mike, I can say that this industry has become a giant pool of “coaches” and gurus, and 90% aren’t qualified to tie their own shoes.

I get these emails all the time. They should be hiring me to teach them.

Ok. That’s a plus.

I didn’t get that far in the email i think. I was stuck on the huge buildings he needed to send bids on (which was why he couldn’t say more about his system i guess?) He was in such a hurry that he had to cut this piece of marketing short.

And hear I am, WITH time because I’m not bidding those buildings!

Come on homie.

But it still made me think about it. Like him or not what he did woke me up.

Lol coach’s.

I feel the same way. But since that coach era, i wonder if things have changed that I’m not tuned in to.
None of marketing in the past helped to get commercial leads. Not a single one

Residential, yes.

Not commercial.

I’m really hoping that he will respond on this.

Alright then, guess that one goes to spam…

How do you bid commercial?

I have a couple coming up, do you bid per window or aim for an hourly rate?

I always overbid em.

I don’t do a window count, in my opinion it makes no sense.
Sorry version, yes hourly. I’ve never been able to be exact on how long but i usually add 5 to 10 hours per man just in case we go over and something goes wrong.

It’s crazy how cheap some are bidding for. They should be raising prices now not lowering them.

Thankfully I’m not losing to the low ball lately.

I guess I’ll try to aim for 75 per hour

That’s too low for commercial work, by that i mean industrial business parks and buildings.

Roughly 150-175 plus rentals if any. Sometimes less if it’s super easy sometimes much more if it’s real difficult.

Shoot for 150-200 per man hour for commercial.

lol wow… there’s no way I can get that here.

I have this apartment complex to look at tomorrow, aim for 150-200 pmh?

There ain’t no way, I already know it’s a waste of time idk why I go on these estimates.

Out of 10 estimates, I’ll be lucky to get 1 at the price I want.

Residential I can get at 100-150 pmh fairly consistently.

Commercial here looks to me to be between 50-100 pmh to get…

Your area might be different on pricing….many things determine that. All you can do is keep bidding , figure out what you need per man hour to keep your business running.

Funny… a large commercial place I bid on a few weeks back just said they want to move forward with me.

Well, good to get at least 1 out of 10 :drooling_face:

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The more you lose the more contacts you’re creating. Just follow up next spring and be in touch with these properties at minimum on a quarterly basis.


You’ll start to see a pattern after a while. Apartment complexes are horrible. I’ve never landed one in over 15 years.

Condo’s? Oh yeah. HOA’s are awesome! Large commercial management companies? Yes sir!!

Hotels? Fuhgeddaboddit. Can’t stand em. Love the emergency lobby cleans tho.

Note when you get your calls for estimates too. You’ll start seeing patterns there as well.

When they start getting ready to do budgets for the next year they need to get competitive bids, and for that they may have no intention of using you.

However, if and when whoever has the job now screws up you already have your foot in the door so long as you keep the communication lines open like twice a year or so.

Because you never know who your next huge customer is going to be.
I know it gets old going out on estimates only to hear no but like the others say as the years pass by you’re getting your company’s name out there.

The calls will come.
If you consistently do a great job with these property managers trust me Word of mouth from property managers is a big deal they’ll stay with you even when they move to different property management companies they’ll bring you over with them and they’ll recommend you to other managers within that company, trust me it spreads


A little late to the game, one of the moderators from here had mentioned this post in The Inner Circle so I decided to take a look

Not sure why the email was nonense - here is a video of us cleaning one of the two warehouses and yes, each was over a million sq.ft.

The training we offer is from experience, I’ve been in the pressure washing game since early 2002 and have seen a lot and have a lot to offer those that want to learn.

Is it worth it? The value is there, the proven methods are there, if you take the information and implement it and are consistent, then it is the cheapest investment in yourself and your business you could ever make.

I am not a guru, I’m a guy who has done a lot of things right, have done some things wrong and learned a lot along the way and have consolidated the most effective methods in one place so you don’t have to learn from your mistakes, you can learn from my failures but more importantly my success.

I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about any of training courses, because they deliver on what we promise.

Hope that answered your question. I have to be honest and let you know I don’t frequent forums often and won’t read any replies here - but if you or anyone else has any questions, please email me at info@pwcourse.com


So he IS real. Mike i know you said you wont read replies here but in case you do, the email you originally sent sounded a whole lot different than your post here.

Thanks for responding by the way. I just don’t understand why you would send the email to me, I mean, it sounds like you and I have about the same experience. Just sayin’