Mini-blind cleaning

mini-blind cleaning the low cost way. This is a great add-on and uses equipment that WFP people already have. If you have not checked out my write up in the download section on mini-blind cleaning I would recomend it. It goes over some details not in the video. this video was made to give a visual to the write up. I will film a better version with the full set up when the weather permits. till then this will hopfully give you the general idea. sorry for the low tech/poor quality. hope you enjoy.

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Awesome nice job Scott!

Very cool Scott!


Thanks for taking the time to do this Scott.

Thanks, Scott!

In your opinion would this be a good technique for plastic mini blinds?

For sure! I do it all the time. The only problem I run into is britle sun damaged plastic, and when the sun hits it to much white plastic turns yellow. Anything that gets yellow like that is really easy to damage. and the yellow will not wash out. just part of plastic. the hard part with plastic is that the price I charge sometimes you can buy them new at the hardware store. Mainly the cheapest of the cheap.

That’s what I thought. Of course alot of people here just want the old ones cleaned. I’m looking forward to adding this to my biz!

Will this technique word for cloth blinds?

If one is charging $5/pane for window cleaning, what would one charge for blind cleaning?

Is Simple Green all that is used?

What about smoker’s blinds?

I would not recomend this method for cloth blinds unless you really want to damage them.

When I do blinds I charge between 12 and 18 for metal. For fabric and wood 15 to 25 and even up from there.

I don’t normally use simple green for metal blinds. if you don’t dilute it enough it can clean the clear coat and paint off the blinds. Most of the time it will leopard spot them.

Blinds in smokers home can be cleaned this way if they are metal. the only downfall is that the cords don’t always come out looking perfect. They do look better though. you just have use more soap. Stay away from soaps with alkiline. if it is in the top five ingridients don’t use it or dilute it with plenty of water. Like 1oz to 4-5 gal of water.

If cloth blinds are what you are wanting to get into a Ultrasonic or On-site machine is the best.

Thanks for the info, Scott. I have a couple more questions.

What soap do you recommend?

Do you recommend this method for wood blinds too?

You can get speacial blind cleaning soaps from most of the ultrasonic dealers. If you need the links let me know. They are pretty pricey though. You can also use a little dish soap or even simple green, greese lightning or any multi purpuse degreaser. The key thing to keep in mind is that a very little amount goes a very long way! I am talking like small amounts, cap full or so to a bucket of water.

I would not recomend cleaning wood blinds with water. The wood can swell up and/or warp the blinds. check this out if you have not already.

On the other hand you can clean faux wood blinds this way as long as they are all made of resign or plastic…no wood.