Minimum wage

Any increases coming to your area? Min is going up, in January, to 14 from like 11.25(not 100 p) and 15 by 2019.

Everything is going to be boosted, and I’m sure window cleaners will follow suit.

The HUGE plus side of all this, as many of you know, I’m working full time days still. This increase has come at the most amazing time. Why, you ask? Well, when it’s the right time to leave my full time, 21 an hour plus pension/benefits, I won’t be losing out as much as I thought. My fiance works part time. I’m talking like 16 hours a week, at a convenience store. So, with her min increase and if I snag a normal, evenings(or midnight) job, it won’t be so harsh right away. Yes, everything else will go up but if we are smart with our money, we will stay ahead.
I may even serve or bartend to grab some tips but either way, I can concentrate on my business throughout the day and I can stop working weekends. More time with the kids. I’ll be able to bring them school and all that fun stuff. Am I worried about income? No. My fiance is but she has watched me work super hard for this. Winter time? Well, I have recurring restaurants and hope to get more once I am available during the days. Leaving my job also means there is no more conflict of interest and i can work on mirrors and showers and other glass work, which does not stop during the winter. Snow removaI? I will offer home services. I know that it is easier said than done but I am ready for it!

Again, min wage increase will help with changing my schedule! Until, I can do my own gig primarily!

Will any one else be impacted in positive or negative ways with it? What are your minimum wages?

P.s. @Chris thank you for the support of your forum and it’s members. I have made orders from Mark in Toronto but I will put a small order of things I need from WCR. And maybe a water system next spring :wink:

Minimum wage here is under $10. With downtown area it changes to 15.

Doesn’t affect us at all, we are above those.

Won’t be long before everything here changes to $15 the fight is on for it. I don’t get how people expect to get paid $15 an hour to work a cash register at McDonald’s giving away all these entry level jobs that student and young people need.

People that think they should be able to support a family on a simple non skilled job like fast food should do something to better themselves, education or on-the-job training to move up in a company rather than try to start at the bottom at a higher rate wage.


Doesn’t wages generally increase as cost of living increases?

and cost of living increases as wages increase…


That has been a source of contention for years - wages generally haven’t increased in proportion to cost of living. Especially coming out of the recession.

Interestingly, some states and/or municipalities have actually tried to undo the minimum wage increase. Apparently, it has done more harm than good overall.

No opinions of it myself, just interesting to see.

Wages do… but minimum wage shouldn’t. Minimum wage jobs are for entry level people. Such as teenagers who have never worked before.

If you’re 40 and pulling minimum wage, then YOU’D better examine your life and figure out where YOU went wrong. Don’t want minimum wage? Then don’t do minimum work. You want to suck as a window cleaner - then do minimum work and see how far you get.

Everywhere minimum wage has been raised to $15 / hour, the economy has suffered big time. It kills low-wage jobs and drops hours for those who do keep their jobs. And that kiosk that will replace the McDonald’s worker… it’ll get my order right. The robots who flip the burgers won’t spit in the food. Oh, and the business owner doesn’t have to carry workman’s comp on robots. Just sayin.

As far as the cost of living… when the government spends 60,000 per welfare household, something is jacked. When welfare recipients have a smart phone, car, flat screen tv, in addition to food benefits, something is seriously jacked.



Lol that is a great picture. I really don’t know what will happen here in Ontario with the increase. It’s scary in ways but it may help others in ways. Small and big companies have already started to raise prices. Which means, even more price increases once the wage goes up. Oh and that also means that I am only making 6 dollars more than someone pumping gas and I am lugging 3/8ths glass all day. My pay isn’t going to go up, that’s for sure. I’m locked in to .80 cents a year. But, it is nice knowing that I am only going down to 15 instead of 11 from 21. Hopefully, not for very long.

Does this mean cleaning prices are going to be jacked up? Would you start charging more? Would you give your employees raises? How will they act knowing someone is making close to them? Or, would you play into the fair wage for every one stuff?

Does the economy become terrible from it? Or do we see those who now make that much more, spending more and balance it out. I hear both sides of it. Is there any where, where this works out?

It will hurt a lot of small companies, but big ones, can frig off in ways. They are already understaffed and over priced. But I don’t see that getting any better. They need to keep that same profit margin. I honestly have no idea. I am not into this stuff much. Personally, it should help out at this time. Overall, as a society…thats scary.

Just my 2 cents, spend it how you want but I think an increase in minimum wage is ridiculous. Makes it harder for smaller businesses to grow, while the bigger companies don’t have a problem or them can use computers and machines to replace the workers. I have heard arguments for completely ridding of the federal (and state) minimum wages. Backed by theory of a free market and businesses having to compete for labor. Much like the price of products will drop with more competition, wages will naturally increase with competition in the free market. Haven’t done enough research on how getting rid of it completely would affect things so I’m not totally supportiveness of it but from what I know it sounds like a decent idea. I do know that I am against raising minimum wage for sure. Like I said, just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

If I could make $15 an hour at McDonald’s I’d do it.

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A raise in minimum wage drives a raise in inflation of the costs of goods. Businesses will get their money before workers will. EVERYONE will get their money before the workers will.

Guess what? You didn’t gain anything other than losing more buying power. There is no gain in it.

Keep demanding raises in minimum wages and we’ll look like Germany and wheeling our wheelbarrow of money in the store to buy a loaf of bread.

All the money gets funneled back to the big companies anyway, yes?

Yes, businesses will adjust their pricing to keep the same profit. That’s why raising taxes on business don’t work either. It gets passed to the consumer.

You want to guess who are really the people losing on minimum wage raises? It’s the middle class/upper middle class. They are NOT getting a raise, and they are losing buying power. Those making minimum wage are at best gaining zero, or at worst, losing buying power too.

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That sounds about right. Maybe I should aim to be in the the “upper lower class”. I want to have the highest standard of living possible, while still catching all the perks of being poor.


The people here who are for the increase to $15 an hour minimum wage claim they can’t support a family of four on a minimum wage job. The claim is they are forced to work two jobs to get by.

Simply put, a minimum wage job is not designed to do that. More designed to give skills to the entry-level workers for a limited time before they either move up or move into the field of skilled labor with a career.

It will pass here unfortunately mainly due to the union push on it

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At least you have a goal. :wink:

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Maybe we should be like China and you have to apply to have kids.

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Or maybe we could just start making everyone financially responsible for their kids. No more hand outs because you reproduced.

You think if we didn’t give people a safety net because they can’t look to the future, they would change their actions?

I know that sounds crass, but really, who is responsible for us other than ourselves.

It relates well to the minimum wage issue. If you don’t like the low wages as they are, change something about you and make more. We as business owners, do all this because we want more. Waiting for someone to give us a handout isn’t in our cards.


Hahaha funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile. This picture is an accurate description of communism/socialism

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No, just be responsible for ourselves.

I have five kids but I don’t expect to be paid more because I have a higher cost of household expenses becsaus I decided to have more kids.