[FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=3][SIZE=4][COLOR=SeaGreen]Chris’s web2.0 software pick of the week.[/COLOR][/SIZE] is a personal money manging program that I have been using for about 5 months now. Its basically online banking for every account you have all in one place. I have it hooked up with my checking account, Savings account, My gas card and a credit card. Its nice having everything all in one place as opposed to logging into 5 different sites to manage your money. It breaks your spending down into neat little pie charts and graphs so you can actually see where all your $ is going. Its nice because once you have it all set up its on auto pilot. Your not endlessly plugging #s in, it just does it by itself. Another neat feature is it looks for ways to save you $. For example next to my credit card it gives you little pop up balloons with other offers. One I am looking at right now that says “switch to this Credit Card and save $64 a month”. There is one next to my savings account that says “switch to this savings account and receive an additional $45 a month in interest”. I usually switch my credit cards around every 3-6 months to ensure I am always on a 0% introductory APR and this has been a big help. Oh and with all my web 2.0 picks…its FREE

[SIZE=4][COLOR=SeaGreen]Happy Minting[/COLOR][/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT]