Mio parapet clamp

Was wondering if anyone has any input on the mio parapet clamp? Ive seen videos of people using them as tiebacks for roof rigs but also using them for drops. Whats your experience with them? Thanks.

Tried this?.. ā€˜FallTech 7460A Multi-Purpose Parapet Anchorā€™ā€¦amazon.com
More cost effective and carries the ANSI stamp. Only downside is that it only goes to 15" thick. Iā€™ve used for both, tieback and descent. Works great.

Awesome! I have seen those, i was a little skeptical about using them for decent, but now that you mentioned it, i feel better about going that route instead. Definitely more cost effective, but youre right about downside being only 15". Have you seen the french creek parapet clamp? I think they go wider also, 20" inches.

I havenā€™t seen those, but thatā€™s a great findā€¦bookmarked this for when the time comes

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