Mixing and Storing GG4

I was wondering if it would be okay to mix up a batch of GG4 and Super Slip and then store it.
Sometimes I want to do a touch-up on my front door or something and it would be nice to pull out a bottle already mixed and wet my scrubber.
How long could that mixture be stored?

How big a batch?

Just a gallon

I’ll bet it lasts forever. Just give a swirl prior to use.

Very Good. Thank you Larry.


We use GG4 and every once and a while we would have a premixed gallon that would smell absolutely foul. Not quite sure of the reason but my guess is it was one that sat for awhile.


Pre-mixed GG4 starts to smell after a while. Just a small quart premixed & after a week it was smelling. We do have exceptional heat here though, never tried it again.