Moerman Carbonator Carbon Fiber Extension Pole

Moerman Carbonator

  • Coming this November - Moerman’s newest high modulus carbon fiber extension pole. Coming in three sizes including 12 foot, 16 foot and 25 foot! Every size of the Carbonator has five sections. Operate it collapsed or fully extended. The 25-foot model collapses to only 6 feet and is ideal for cleaning high windows without a ladder or scaffolding. The 16-foot pole is great for first-floor work, it collapses to just 5 feet. If you need a little reach for inside or outside windows, the 12-foot pole is a great option that is only 3.5 feet when collapsed. Use this with the Moerman Dr. Angle or Universal Tip. Compatible with your favorite Moerman tools! Check it out!


Seems as if anything with Moerman plastic parts (in this case the clamps) is sub par quality upon first release. I’d wait for the Carbonator 2.0 that will be released at a later date before sinking money into this. They have brought some great ideas to market, but their product quality has left something to be desired.