Moerman excelerator

Can the excelrator sleeve be used on a ledge easy handle?

Yes, if the channel that the excelerator pad clips onto fits in the ledge easy handle

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Yes that’s my question haha

Yeah so I would put your Moerman fliq pad on an ettore aluminum channel and use that on the ledge easy handle you can use the Moerman channel in the ledge easy handle but you might have a problem with your rubber sliding around in the channel

Hard to beat a modified Ettore channel. Moerman is over rated. :sunglasses:


moerman ex2 /liq2 and pad is awesome for residential. i use the pad for high windows and a moerman sleeve on an unger tbar for standard height. my ettore, unger, wagtail stuff all in the obsolete bin.

Yeah I get it! a lot of people love the liquidator channel.
I think it does exactly what it says it does. Which is pretty cool!
When I’m done squeegeeing off the glass there is nothing on it ,but there’s always drips and runs on the sides of the frames. Just because that water has to go somewhere. I get all of that off with my frame rag, and unless I’m going super slow and being super precise that rag touches the glass and I have to detail the glass anyway.

I just feel like for me when it comes to the liquidator. I spend all this time and effort to be so precise with the squeegee and wiping off the frame without touching the glass. That it takes me longer than just moving thru it with my wide body, quick wipe of the frame, then a quick detail wipe done.


You need to change how you soap up the glass, apply soap direct to glass then use your mop or FLIQ pad to work the soap into the glass, the solution should not run down the glass, don’t jam the mop against the frames and no solution will be on the glass, I like the FLIQ pad for this reason for it’s slim profile,if you watch Polzn bladz on you tube you will get the correct way to use the liquidator- he invented it, the only wiping you should need to do is the bottom of the frame

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i don’t find that at all. i go at a very similar speed. i get a better close out because i mostly use 25 degree angle. water on the frame is usually from the scrubber and if i wipe it i use only one finger and 1 thickness of scrimm so i can get only the frame and not the glass. also due to the solution mixture i use there is almost nothing at the bottom of a normal sized pane.
i was using a wagtail similar to a highflyer and it was very fast due to to not having to switch from scrubber to squeegee but i like that the glass has no cloth on it now and of course the high inside windows with a pole are a thousand times better.

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i disagree i tried that type of trim on my ettore a few years ago. the moerman is more precise, you don’t have to deal with end clips and the ends are plastic. also if you like that type of sngle you can get it by cutting off the ends of the moerman tip and you still don’t have to deal with those fiddly end clips. ettore brass was my first love but just like my land line… as long as it does what you want though :slight_smile:

Hey man you gotta use what works best for you.
I’ve used probably every channel there is. I get good results with the liquidators, but
For me I clean a lot of big glass and nothings faster than a good wide body channel on big commercial glass.

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