Moerman FUGU on tint

I have used the Moerman FUGU on tint with my sleeve wet and sudsy. No damage even though I put some muscle behind it. I don’t suggest it since Moerman doesn’t suggest it but I had no issues. I put some real pressure on it too. Is the suggestion by moerman based on there being a strong potential to scratch tint? I assume they tested it. Has anyone else actually tried it and have they had any issues? The FUGU sleeve and Fliq pad are my go to mops. I love them but I was leary to use on tint but I have a customer that was getting some new tint and they let me go wild on their old stuff just to check and I found a clean good piece of tint and I scrubbed hard and it didn’t leave a mark. It’s really a minor thing but I’m just curious what everyone else’s experience has been.