Moerman products

Anyone have any feedback or experience with Moerman Window cleaning products?? I see them advertised online but I never heard of them until now…

I don’t think you’ll get much feedback here:
A Product We Do Not Carry | Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products

Someone must have used them… They look ok, but I may be wrong… Just want to know if they are any good… Compared to Unger, Ettore etc…

The forum here is made possible by the online store. I don’t think the founders ( [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] , @Alex ) appreciate the discussion of products that are only available from their competitors. I think jrac has an online forum.

what he said^^^^^^.

There ok, but are basically just Unger or Ettore knockoffs. They are not widely available here so replacement parts and warranty parts will be slim.

Unger and Ettore are tried and true. Stick with them and you will be fine.

That’s the answer I was looking for… Thank you.

Moerman rubber is midway between hard and soft , takes a bit of getting used to -but Well worth it iv found . it last Ages before it needs changing

Are they interchangeable? Meaning could I put an Unger rubber in it?

the rubber is same dimensions as the other makes . i also tried a Tbar and scrubber sleeve but they were no good for me

One of the BEST things about this forum is they LET you talk about supplies they do not carry.
AND they will explain WHY they don’t carry it.
BUT i would like to try that rubber…