Moerman Sidekit


That’s actually a nice bag.


It’s awesome…

I filled it up - as much as possible - and it was still light and comfortable. I was using a common tool pouch, that was thick, absorbed moisture and was heavy.

Huge difference.


That’s what I was thinking…

@wcs I was actually going to design my own bag, but I don’t think the margins can be there for a small company. So there are only like 4 things I’d change on their bag… just in case they want to bring me on as staff. :wink:


Ya I can see a few things I would redesign, but it looks nice.

I’m sure they need a new staff member! :wink:

There is one thing missing from 99% of “all” work belts worn…
(To be continued)


My only concern I can see with the bag, is the potential for the metal belt buckle to scratch things (tables, draws, walls etc) in tight places, indoors.

Any thoughts (feedback) on that?

Oh oh! Wait. On second look. Is that your own belt? Not a Moerman one?

I just noticed the plastic clips, indicating perhaps the belt doesn’t come with the bag. Is that the case?

The two hanging clips attach to any web belt - or any belt you choose. Lol… that probably was my belt.

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