Moerman Soap

So I bought the new Moerman soap to see what it’s all about and if it could help with the problems I was having with using the liquidator channels. I recently bought the Moerman experience toolbox as well. Before I purchased the new Moerman soap I tried anything and everything when it came to soap to get the right slip with the liquidator so It wouldn’t leave lines and streaks. The 14” was my biggest problem the 10” not so much.

I had some storefronts to do eariler last week and thought that would be the perfect opportunity to test out the new soap with the liquidator channels. So I wet my washer sleeve and put the soap directly on to it per directions. The soap has a very nice smell to it. I scrubbed the window and went to squeegee the glass using the 14” liquidator. Absolutely no problems what so ever. Like I said before trying other soaps it would never work correctly and now I use the Moerman soap and it works with no problems… is it just all in my head lol?


Very interesting. Thanks for posting.

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Here are a few thoughts from a business mindset:

I don’t use dish soaps. BUT if you are the kind of guy that does: WHY do people whine and complain about the price of soap? I use GG and it’s far more expensive to buy a gallon of it, then soap. That GG still makes me a pile of money. It’s an expense that is already figured into my pricing.

How many houses, how many store fronts, how many commercial jobs, is ONE bottle of this soap going to do? Even if it was just ONE job, the expense is MINOR in comparison to your other expenses. If ten bucks is going to break your business, you have problems…


I’ve tried a lot of different soaps over the years and I always circle back to Dawn. never an issue with slip but it can dry out quick in hot sun, enter Glisten which I used exclusively in Denver because it stayed wetter longer on the glass with a bit of dawn added to get some suds to see where I’ve been when fanning.


Yeah the Moerman soap is good with the Excelerator. It was designed for it (I’m presuming) and that’s why it works so well.

But it is true that soap (concentrated that is) applied directly to the FL*Q pad is what gets a high percentage of the slip. The right soap formula does the rest.

I keep a really small squeeze bottle just of Moerman pro soap in the bottom of my pouch just for the Excelerator. Otherwise I just use everyday dish-wash soap applied directly to my mop 95% of the time. Dawn isn’t readily available here in New Zealand so I just use Cussons Morning Fresh. It’s cheap and does the job adequately.

Oh oh I almost forgot. I use the Moerman pro soap squeeze bottle for my Squirt Bottle all the time now. It’s perfect :wink: ! Use it with the new Moerman pouch setup (has that nice custom bottle holder pouch on it). Just emptied the Moerman pro soap into other containers and use (i.e. top up) as needed.